Galaxy S5 with QHD display shows up; is it the S5 Prime?


LG is not hiding the fact that its upcoming flagship smartphone, the G3, will ship with one crisp 2560 x 1440 pixel display. Chinese device makers Oppo and Vivo have already show us what there is to like about QHD displays and it is now the Koreans’ turn to show us what they’ve got. Samsung released its flagship Galaxy S5 with just a 1080p display but we’ve rumour after rumour and leak after leak point to the existence of a QHD variant that may ship anytime in Q2.

s5 pime not

The SM-G906S captured on the Hong Kong site is believed to be part of a bigger SM-G906x family that Samsung is expected to release soon. While news of the Galaxy S5 ‘Prime’ or whatever it will be called are likely to excite those of us who were slightly disappointed with the same design philosophy that Samsung has stuck with since the Galaxy S III two years ago, it is sure going to hurt the millions who are already sinking their $$ into the current Galaxy S5 model.

In fact, it is thinking along these lines that is likely the reason why Samsung has been mum on the existence of the Prime with mobile head JK Shin categorically denying earlier rumours of a superior Galaxy S5 being in the works. Still, it is not lost on us that Samsung always has something special for its home market as evidenced by the Galaxy J and Galaxy S4 Advance. Like in those cases, this particular S5 variant supports the unique and super fast LTE-Advance.

Other specs of the device that arouse our interest include the Snapdragon 805 chip. Qualcomm announced this chip last year but stated that it will be going into mass production later in 2014 and a Q2 appearance in flagships makes sense. LG is after all expected to have its G3 powered by the same chip. Save for a rumoured metal build, the image shows what is basically the Galaxy S5 in all its uninspired design glory so we can have our doubts as to the aim of the device. Maybe it is a market specific or carrier specific model like LG’s Isai (which gives us direct hints of what to expect in the G3). Maybe it is indeed the blueprint of the S5 Prime. Whichever is the case, I am sure we’ll find out very soon.

Via: Sammy Today