You can now buy apps, books, music and movies on Google Play Store using PayPal


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It was a long time coming anyway.

In a move that is likely to excite many, those who have Android devices and always want to get something from the Google Play Store to watch (movies), listen to (songs), read (books) or play (games), well, there’s one more payment option: PayPal.

Starting today, those who want to buy applications and other content available on the Google Play Store only need to checkout the item and in the process add PayPal as a payment option then proceed to provide the necessary credentials and location address. This can be done using either the Google Wallet site or the Google Play Store app itself.

Sadly, if you are in a country where you are usually able to buy devices and accessories on sale on the Play Store like say the Nexus 5 or the various Play Edition devices from different OEMs then you are not in luck. Though it is likely to come in the future, those devices and accessories can’t be bought using PayPal for now. Another piece of not so exciting news is that Google continues with its gradual rollout policy that always sees guys in certain markets get Google services faster than the others. The PayPal checkout option will only be available to users in Austria, Belgium, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, United States, and the United Kingdom. Other countries like India and Australia where Google has significant Play Store activity are likely to follow sometime later.

Other goodies announced by Google today include support for carrier billing on the Play Store in more countries including Singapore, Thailand and Taiwan and the availability of Google Play Gift cards in 13 countries, including Japan and Germany. The Play Store will also now support currency from 28 more countries while developers in countries like  Indonesia, Malaysia and Turkey and several others can now list their apps for sale on the Play Store.