Apple Tablets Still Take the Cake Despite Q1 Growth Slump


iPad shipments fell by 16.1% Q1 2014, the fastest crash since the slab hit the market. At 16.35 million units the fruity device now commands a market share of 32.2% compared to 46.4% in 2013. Apple boss, Tim Cook notes that fewer iPads in distribution are good for business since distributors don’t like to lug around 4 to 6 worths of stock. Canalys still places Apple on the lead, leaving Samsung way behind by a double digit margin. The analyst remains bullish on the iPad’s long term performance stating that the growing pressure from larger screen slabs does not point to Apple’s decline in the category.

Apple’s position in the global PC market was however fluffed out by Mac shipments, up 4.3% to 4.1m units. Its market share currently stands at 16.6% from 20%. Globally the client market grew by 4.7% with 123.7 million units shipped in Q1. Tablets made a huge part of this shipments with a 21.3% increase to 50.8m ye olde computing gear was down 4.4% to 72.8 million units.

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