Recover Inaccessible Files from Damaged CD/DVD


Optical storage media, such as CD, DVD are frequently used for storing files permanently since they are portable and do not require much to spend on. These inexpensive digital media are fragile and often get scratched when used frequently or roughly. Your computer fails to read over scratched CDs and DVDs, and then you no longer be able to access your files. Well, you can still use such discs as coasters placed on your table. However, you certainly do not want them to be used that way. Keep a backup of the files written on such fragile media, as they cause data inaccessibility when used excessively.

Excessive Usage of CD DVD

Amongst a range of data storage devices available in the market, optical storage media like CD/DVD are most frequently used as a means of permanent storage. In other words, the files written on such a media are stored permanently; you cannot delete a file on a CD or DVD once written. Another point in favor of such media is that they are inexpensive as well as easily available. You can easily write around 4.5 GB of data on a single layer DVD with a CD/DVD writing tool. In fact, even Windows operating systems include CD burning wizard that enables you doing it very easily.

Nature of Scratches on CD DVD

These optical data storage media often get scratch marks when used excessively. In fact, the scratches on a CD/DVD are not only due to their rough usage, but they are also due to its continuous motion over the read/write lens. And when it gets highly scratched, your computer fails to play it, and therefore you lose all the files.

If you have practical experience of playing scratched optical media, you must be familiar be the nature of scratches and you can easily predict that whether or not the CD or DVD will be played. Keeping this theory in view, we have analyzed that the perpendicular scratches do not cause as much trouble as the ones that are along the spiral. In case your media has more number of latter scratches, you may not be able to access data stored on it, as your PC is not going to play it.

PC Fails to Read Scratched CD DVD

You must have noticed a fact that your PC used to play scratched discs in the early age, but it fails to read them now. Have you ever wondered why it is so? Let me tell you why it did that earlier, but fails to do now. Your PC played all the scratched CDs or DVDs for you earlier since the lens inside the DVD-ROM reading/writing optical media was new, and it lost its ability to do the job with the time and extent of usage. The scenario also verifies that playing a scratched CD DVD is harmful for your computer as well as for the media.

Recover Data from Over-scratched CD DVD

When it comes to recover data from over-scratched CD DVD, I must say that it is not as easy as recovering lost or deleted files from a hard drive, SD card, or a flash memory device, as the computer must be able to read the media first. If it does that for you, go for CD DVD data recovery with Stellar Phoenix CD DVD Data recovery software. The software got the ability to recover inaccessible data from damaged CDs and DVDs. For detailed information on how this software does that for you, go through the below section.

CD Data Recovery

Recovery Using CD DVD Data Recovery Software

Stellar Phoenix CD DVD Data Recovery software is a proficient data recovery tool that enables recovering inaccessible files from damaged (i.e. highly scratched) or improperly burnt CDs and DVDs, keeping the contents of the files unaffected. The software scans the disc thoroughly, and then lists its contents in a tree structure as the result. You can see preview of these files with a single click. I recommend going through each folder on the disc carefully and seeing if its contents are accessible.  Now, select all the folders that contain data to be recovered, and then go for recovery.

For efficient CD DVD data recovery with Stellar Phoenix CD/DVD Data Recovery software, put the following steps into practice:

  1. Play the media (CD or DVD) on your PC and run Stellar Phoenix CD/DVD Data Recovery.home screen
  2. On the software interface, under Optical Media Recovery tab, select the disc played, and then click Continue button.
  1. The software will scan the disc thoroughly, and then list its contents as a tree in the left pane. Select a folder in the tree to reveal its contents in the bottom right pane.Preview of recoverable files
  1. Select a file in the list of contents shown in the bottom right pane to watch its preview.

You can save the scan information by clicking the Save Scan button. Besides, the mask button enables searching for a particular file.

  1. To save all folders, click Select All button, and then click Recover button to start recovery.
  2. For selected folders’ recovery, select the respective folders, and then click Recover button.
  3. Select a location to save the recovered files, and then click OK.

With the aforementioned steps, you are done recovering inaccessible files from damaged or improperly burnt CD/DVD.