Telegram Now Available Officially on Windows Store As Beta Version

Telegram Windows Phone

Telegram Windows Phone Telegram hit the big picture when WhatsApp got acquired by Facebook, from then on millions quit en masse headed to Telegram. This was due to the belief by many that user data became compromised when linked with Facebook, a US company. But it was initially limited in terms of stores availability, only available on Android and itunes at first. Of course Windows Phone users felt left out.

Since Telegram is open source there have been unofficial apps available for some time now and there were still options. Telegram is now available as a BETA that was actually one of the unofficial apps, Ngram. Ngram was the app that was most developed Telegram Windows Phone clone. Now it’s interesting because Windows Phone version of Whatsapp was pulled out of Windows Store to get redevelopment and fine tuning.

What’s missing is group chats and that is quite essential. Now this makes Windows Phone users head out to Telegram which already has all these features working. Telegram will continue to gain more users particularly with the once-in-a-while outages of WhatsApp after the acquisition and now this absence in the store.


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