Google Repackages Cloud Product, Quick Office To Be Unpublished From Store

Quick Office

Quick OfficeFor the longest time Android users have known Quick Office as one of the apps you get by default from vanilla Android. There are other apps but Quick Office knows to do the job with a mobile first approach that comes in quite handy. I use Polaris and Office mobile though. Now Quick office will meet it’s end soon in the ruthless hands of cloud computing.

Google plans to discontinue updates to the app as announced in a blog post. Not only will the updates flow stop, Google will pluck it off the store in favour of the recently introduced Google Docs apps. Quick Office is quite good in that you get one app with all the separate functionalities within, with Docs, you will need to download the apps separately, Slides, Sheets and Docs.

The app will still work if you have it installed though, but updates will be a thing of the past and going by the numbers of downloads for Google Apps which are in the millions, it won’t be a tough convince.

Google does this in line with the plan to compete with Microsoft in offering an all-round cloud storage. You might have noticed that you now get the option to store email attachments to your Google Drive account. Well, this is in the giant plan to have you use Google Drive with your apps in there, on mobile and web.

Not a bad plan, but Microsoft has been selling Office 365 with the claim of availability cross-devices. Google also offers that now and wants you to use Docs on web, desktop and mobile, well at-least there is a limit of platform as Microsoft is already on Android while Google Docs are not on Windows Store.

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