12 million Lumia 520 units activated worldwide so far – Microsoft

Nokia Lumia 520

Most device makers with the exception of Apple hardly ever give us a per device breakdown of specific numbers when it comes to device sales/activation numbers. Save for numbers from ad networks and many other sources, an official comment on such is usually rare but you can make an exception where your best selling smartphone is a budget device that has exceeded all expectations right? That’s the case with the Nokia Lumia 520.

Nokia Lumia 520

At its Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC), Microsoft has revealed that the Lumia 520 has garnered 12 million activations throughout its lifetime.

The Lumia 520 has been a hit right from day one and recent numbers from AdDuplex clearly show that it is yet to lose any steam as its marketshare is huge in emerging markets and it still accounts for over half of all Lumia smartphones sold in a market as mature as the United States when you factor in the Lumia 521 variant.


Source: WPC


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