StarTimes PayTV Provider Adds New Sports Channel: StarTimes Sport 2

Women Tennis

Women TennisStarTimes Media to day announced the 7th Sports channel on their PayTV offering. The channel named Sport 7 will be available to subscribers on the Classic Bouquet and will air soccer, golf, tennis, rugby, cricket, car racing and extreme sports. One of the highlights will be the European match qualifiers and Ligue 1 matches of France live. Others include summer football and Guinness International Champions Cup 2014. UEFA Champions League, English Premier League, Premiership Cup and Spanish La Liga, which are the big leagues of Europe and global football however do not feature in this channel.

“We are very excited about the addition of the new Sport 2 channel which we believe will be a hit in the Kenyan market given its rich sporting action. As a brand, we remain steadfast in giving our subscribers’ value for their commitment to StarTimes; the added channel confirms our rich content diversity aimed at enriching the television viewing experience for the whole family”, said Mr. Hans Han, StarTimes Vice President for Marketing.

The Classic Bouquet is priced at Kshs 999 monthly in the terrestrial digital transmission PayTV provider StarTimes.

IMG Source: Andrew Campbell Flickr