Twitter Account For Russian Prime Minister Hacked, Declares He’s Moving To Freelance Photography

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Russia Prime Minister Medvedev’s Twitter account was hacked Thursday and the infiltrators declared that he had lost interest in the job. The hackers posted messages on his verified account with 2.5 million plus followers in Russian language denouncing the President Vladmir Putin and adding that the Prime Minister had resigned. The tweets which were in Russian also claimed that the Prime Minister was ashamed of the government’s actions and that there will be an electricity ban in Russia.

They went on further to state that Medvedev would be pursuing a career in freelance photography after leaving his job. Russian hackers going by the name Shaltay-Boltay which is Russian for Humpty Dumpty have since claimed responsibility for the attack adding that they were not yet done with him. They added that they already hacked the Pime Minister’s Gmail account,  and his three iPhones, content which they said they will reveal later.

The Russia government in the path of stiffly regulating bloggers had blocked Shaltay Boltay blog earlier in July. They, in a previous incident had accessed the Russian president’s speech and leaked it before he read it out, effectively making a minor case for our country which freights printed presidential speeches via helicopters. Not long ago that we had our Vice President’s account hacked and profanities hurled against the government.

The Twitter account has since been recovered but the damage is done, we don’t know what the hackers could reveal off his iPhones though. Might be the meat of the story if it does happen.

Screenshot via BusinessInsider
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