Samsung’s Partnership with Fleksy brings Keyboard to Gear S smartwatch


Samsung Gear S Fleksy keyboard

It’s not like we’ve not seen this before. Fleksy has been ported to almost all the available smartwatches with mixed results but the conclusion is obvious: some nerdy users (who else would want to type on a 2 inch display?) really want a keyboard on their wrist watches. Samsung is going after such people thanks to its new partnership with Fleksy that will see the developer of the popular Android keyboard have the honour of accessing a much bigger user base when Fleksy is pre-loaded on all the units of the Gear S tat will be entering the market in a month or so.

Samsung is fond of exclusives and such types of partnerships with third parties as they add value to its  devices. The gear S just recently had the honor of getting a few Swarovski crystals on top just like the other Gears before it. The new Note 4 already has such partnerships with the likes of Mont Blanc going for it. What makes the Fleksy-Samsung partnership special is because it is the first time Fleksy is partnering with an OEM to have Fleksy keyboard preloaded on any device. It is also quite appropriate for the Gear S since the Gear S rides on the premise of being a standalone device with 3G, 2G, Wi-Fi, GPS and the like. It is only fitting that it has its own keyboard. You don’t need a smartphone to use it after all!