Google has an easy how to for iOS users willing to jump ship


iOS to Android made easier 2

Android fans and their watchers can’t get enough of the Material Design themed Android 5.0 Lollipop. You’ve probably heard them shouting from the rooftop regardless of whether you’ve just updated your swanky bendy new iPhone 6 Plus to the most recent iOS 8.1or you’re still stuck on the age-old Blackberry 7. If you’re the former then Google has a simple guide on how to make the switch from iOS to Android. If ditching your beloved iPhone for a random Android device or simply having a glance at what the other side of the fence has to offer is somewhere in your thoughts this should come in handy.

There isn’t much in the guide, as expected other than a quick tutorial on how to make the switch from Apple’s walled garden to Android without losing your contacts, make sure you don’t lose any of the precious memories stored up in your photos and of course since you’ll be transitioning to a whole new platform, you’ll appreciate a small guide on the best apps to get you started. It’s Android after all and you won’t find the all familiar iTunes selection. Yes those same applications you were using on your iPhone will still show up on the Google Play Store but the Play Store has an uncanny reputation of harbouring thousands of app clones and you may get lost along the way. In fact, Google is just starting some serious cleanup exercise by limiting searches on the web version of the Play Store to those apps that have ben highly rated by users. And your music as well. That impressive iTunes collection shouldn’t go to waste.

Below is a sample

iOS to Android made easier

If you follow these things as we do then you’ll remember that Apple also did the same as soon as the buggy iOS 8 was announced alongside the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus not long ago. A support page on the Apple website directed Android users on how to make the jump to iOS. Looks like Google is just returning the favour. We may never know how many Android users actually made the jump as a result but it should not be lost on us that bigger phones are what had made some iPhone users ditch their small devices for large Droids and with the 6 Plus they could’ve been lured back home. This arrangement is very much in line with what the likes of Samsung, Sony and Nokia have been offering for the last couple of years.


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