Windows 10 Coming To Low End Windows Phone, But Not Full-Featured

Nokia Lumia 520

Nokia Lumia 520Windows 10 is coming to low end Windows Phone devices from the era of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. These include the quite popular Lumia 520 alongside Lumia 530 which followed thereafter. The first Microsoft branded Windows Phone, Lumia 535 misses the cut as it comes with 1GB RAM and stays winning. This follows an announcement by Windows product lead Joe Belfiore on Twitter.

Joe announced a few hours ago (you were probably asleep if you’re in my timezone) that Windows 10 would be coming to devices with a 512MB RAM but he made a very subtle disclaimer. “….ambition is to make Windows 10 avaiable for these devices but features may vary”.

Anyone remember a similar announcement sometime back? You know, when Windows Phone was young in the days of Windows Phone 7.5 and Windows 8 came about, then the old devices could only get Windows 7.8, of course not Windows 8 but had some featured here and there from the future. This is what’s happening again for their popular devices. But it could be different though, probably kind’a like what we see in PC, in the different version for different price points. That’s not exactly what Microsoft calls same experience across devices, now is it?

Joe went ahead to mention that the update will be availed first to Windows Insiders, something that’s rather expected, and that various phones get the update in different times.


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