What You need To Know When Building Wearables Apps


Modern, forward thinking companies are always looking for flexible options that give them an edge to broaden their base of customer interaction, and wearable mobile apps have made a dramatic move to the top of those options. Finding an organization that is multi-layered and diverse with the expertise and gravitas to ensure success can be a daunting task. There is even the temptation to attempt this endeavor on your own; however, this may lead to unusable finished products fraught with a waste of resources. Let’s review key attributes of an organization that will deliver the wearable app you are searching for.

Consider a company that has a holistic philosophy and can work with your team from the ground floor of your wearable mobile app project. They should provide a deep bench of in-house expertise with years of experience developing custom wearable mobile apps currently in use in a broad range of industries. This article from Business Insider outlines the challenges to navigate in wearable app development. It suggests asking questions about the protocol of their processes ensuring it is an open and accessible approach, which is responsive and supportive throughout the project. Inquire about the work they have completed and a list of the customers they have worked with. Once you settle on a company then your focus should be based on the user platforms, insights of the user, maintenance and support services after launch and the ability to scale and provisions for future use.

The platform you intend on utilizing is critical to facilitate it becoming the “killer app”. Once the platform(s) question has been answered, finding the perfect fit in an agile software development kit (SDK) or application programming interface (API) will be the first crucial hurdle to jump. Organizations that have worked with or created these tools will provide the best opportunity for success. After the software questioned has been addressed, you can make the foray into the strengths of the insights it delivers. Your partner organization should be able to speak to what the data points mean and how to maximize this information as prudent business decisions are made.

The partner you want will answer questions you did not ask and address the broad scope of potential challenges such as the Data Protection Act (DPA), confidentiality, and employee management. The additional considerations of employee policies and contracts, and customer information and permissions must always be included in the dialogue as you move forward with your endeavor. TechWorld has an illuminating article that discusses the details specific to these issues, and you can read about it here. Now that the agenda has been set on the requisite points of building a wearable mobile app, understanding the important impact of the decision to use the services of an industry leader is clear.

First and foremost, employing a savvy, cutting edge design and development company is essential. One that works from a stance of candor and innovation, who knows how to read, interpret and maximize your vision to achieve the elusive “killer app” the consumer is waiting for. There is no shortage of companies that can make promises, though few can deliver. For more information about the process, visit Clearbridge Mobile and discover how a professional in house team of creative and technical talent can help make your vision a reality. With cutting edge companies like them working with entrepreneurs and visionaries, it’s exciting to see where the future of wearable apps will take us.