Safaricom Introduces 90 day Data Bundles, Brings Back 1.5GB Bundle

Safaricom sambaza data

Safaricom has yet again revised the prices of the data bundles which marks the reintroduction of the 1.5GB,3GB and 8 GB data bundles. The new data bundles come with a 90-day expiry period.  As we reported yesterday, the move is meant to deal with the issue of the expiry of data bundles which elicited sharp criticism from consumers. Safaricom is still non-commital on resolving the issue of the Sambaza data cap despite intense lobbying by consumers on social media platforms.

The new changes are set to compliment the existing daily, weekly and monthly data bundles introduced last week. The changes included an introduction of a sms and the much loved night shift data bundle package. Under the new rates, subscribers will contend with a reduced data bundle package for a longer usage period.  The bundles do not also have an off peak package as introduced in the other plans.

90 DAY BUNDLES                      PRICE                                     PRICE PER MB

500MB                                           500                                             1.00

1.5 GB                                             1,000                                          0.66

3 GB                                                1,999                                           0.66

8 GB                                                3,999                                          0.49

For Ksh 1,000 you get 2GB data and an additional 2 GB night shift data under the 30 day monthly data bundle plan which previously, got you 1.5 GB + 750 MB night shift data. Under the 90 day data plan, 1,000 gets 1.5GB. Ksh 2,000 under the 30 day data gets you 5GB data and 5GB night shift whereas under the 90 day data plan, this gets the customer 3GB of data. I am not sure the changes are appealing but  Dial *544# and enjoy the new daily, weekly, monthly and quartely data bundles.