Startimes To Launch High Definition Set Top Box In Kenya

StarTimes FTA Decoder

StarTimes FTA Decoder

Digital Television Company StarTimes Media will on Thursday launch two advanced set top boxes for their Pay Television subscribers in Kenya. The launch includes the launch of a High Definition set top box for the Digital Terrestrial platform (DTT). DTT or DTTV is a  broadcast entirely over earthbound circuits. In this, satellites are not used for any part between the broadcaster and the end user.

DTTV signals are broadcast over the same media as the older analog terrestrial TV signals.  The mostly use coaxial cable, fibre optic or microwave to connect  the network to the subscriber.  DTTV provides a clearer picture and superior sound quality when compared to analog TV, with less interference. DTTV offers far more channels, thus providing the viewer with a greater variety of programs to choose from. DTTV can be viewed on personal computers. Using a split-screen format, a computer user can surf the Web while watching TV.

Startimes Media is one of the Digital TV providers and bringing both PayTV and Free To Air capabilities. They currently have two Set Top Boxes for  sale to consumers in Kenya. These are the fully PayTV option DVB-T2 Set Top Box and the second one that has both PayTV and Free To Air Options, also DVB-T2.

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