Huawei Could Make This Year’s Nexus Smartphone, And This Is A Thing

China's tech powerhouse

China's tech powerhouseThough Huawei has seen a moment in Q4 2014 when they were bypassed via technicalities by Lenovo, the company has been growing by leaps and bounds. It’s the leading smartphone company in China by sales, a very big market by any standards, and the growth in EMEA is also something. The company hasn’t penetrated the US market even with all this success.

This could change if the rumours we came by are anything to go by. TechnoBuffalo says that Kevin Yang of research firm iSuppli where he is director gives an interesting twist. That Google has decided to go with Huawei as the manufacturer of the next Nexus device. Manufacturing Nexus is a big thing and if anything it opens up the US market to Huawei, something that has still been a struggle.

Google is said to have considered this move after the scale at which Huawei has grown in the Chinese local market. Understandably as the rivals growing there are running Cyanogen Mod ala Xiaomi, something which isn’t a darling move for Google.

Something that is a wait-and-see is how this will impact the relationship of Huawei with other western countries, especially the US and Australia which have blocked Huawei from their markets citing government spying via the government-owned Huawei.

Huawei going Nexus should help the company go back to third if the Nexus sales hit the roof. The company went back to fourth after Lenovo finalized the acquisition of Motorola handset company from Google and their Moto devices. The battle here is clearly tough.

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