Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge Launches In India

Galaxy S6 Edge India

Galaxy S6 Edge India Samsung has today launched the Galaxy S6 in India. This is the first in-country launch anywhere outside the global launch at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The phone is expected to hit global markets from April 10th. Samsung claims that the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge are built of aircraft-grade metal and Gorilla Glass front and back with the Galaxy S6 Edge wearing dual curved display, a first globally.

Samsung claims that they have done loads of work to reduce the software complications with icons for example, being replaced with text. Samsung also reduced the pre-installed apps that come with TouchWiz making the software portion of the internal storage less. Word on the street is that some of the pre-installed apps like Microsoft apps can also be uninstalled. Previously you could only disable the app if you didn’t like it, but software files remained in your phone’s storage meaning some unusable space.

Samsung has 3 research and development centers in India with over 10,000 employees. India is a pretty huge market and focusing loads of resources specifically for the market only makes sense.

The company held the event in New Delhi, India at a blogger event they called blog-a-thon. Essentially there was a set-up where bloggers could log on to PCs within the launch area connected to ethernet and live-blog the launch. A move which is quite clever.

Samsung Galaxy S6 will be available in three colours initially in India and will start selling from April 10th. Pricing for the Galaxy S6 according to Sammyhub starts at Rs. 49,900($800) for the 32GB, Rs. 55,900 for the 64GB and Rs. 61,900 for the 128GB. As for the Galaxy S6 Edge, price will start at Rs. 58,900 ($945) for the 32GB version, Rs. 64,900 for the 64GB version and Rs. 70,900 for he 128GB version. That price is around the same one as the price for Kenya which has already started it’s pre-orders.