Roundup: Best 2015 April Fools Day Pranks So Far

safaricom watch

Its April fools day. The interwebs have given the day a new lease of life with some uber hilarious pranks. Google was on the fore front of this battalion delivering some almost believable news. On the pranks, Some we got, some we didnt and some were plain boring. Here are some we thought were the best.

Safaricom Watch

Most people fell for this prank posted on Safaricom’s social media pages with full details on the Safaricom Blog. Well the smartwatch was to sell for 999/= with capabilities to perform all SIM and device functions including M-Pesa. The watch was to have straps made of animal print and three layers of aluminum, green steel and thin clear plastic. Designed to feel like a sleeveless shirt?  Very neat Safaricom. Very neat.

safaricom watch

Zuku’s Plan to Buy YuMobile From Airtel

This prank garnered the attention of Airtel Global who called to confirm if indeed the sale had happened. The story is fictious and so are the characters quoted and there is no planned sale.


Samsung Galaxy BLADE edge

Perhaps the most outrageous of the April Fools day Prank was the Smart Knife story by Samsung. The Blade is a knife with smartphone capabilities and  the ultimate cooking companion, made with the modern chef in mind. Building on the expertise it has already displayed with its Chef Collection series, Samsung is taking its commitment to culinary expertise and cutting-edge technology even further – literally.

Samsung Galaxy Blade

Ms Dos Mobile

Microsoft took us back in time when no one knew what was GUI with Ms Dos Mobile.  The Ms Dos Os comes complete with an emulator to use the C:\-prompt on your Windows Phone.Just like the real MS-DOS, you navigate around by typing in DIR to list available apps and using the CD command to enter into directories.

Ms Dos for Lumia

Selfie shoes

Out with the old, in with the new. The future of selfies is here with the selfie shoes which will make you forget yours selfie stick. The shoe features an extended toe that comfortably fits a phone, controlled with the toes, that lets you take a selfie whether you’re a right or left footed.  Below is a photo of the new alternative.

Selfie shoes

Google Pranks

Google took the crown for the best jokes this April Fools Day.


A backwards version of at Everything in the search results are backwards, including images and cards displayed.

Google Backwards

Chrome selfie

Adds a new option inside Google Chrome on mobile devices that allows you to take a reaction selfie to any page. With the tap of a button, you get a camera up and can share a screenshot of your face alongside a Web page through the share a reaction feature.  Google should work towards making it a real product.

chrome selfie


Smartbox which keeps out spam and can automatically filter out unwanted physical junk mail. Apparently it’ll even alert you on your phone when you have physical mail. Google is encouraging those that want to try it for themselves to email [email protected] for an invitation to Smartbox.

Google Smartbox


University of Cambridge

This one at the University of Cambridge got me laughing. My friend tells me some actually bought it.

University Of Cambridge

IWC Watch for left handed people

Swiss watch manufacturer IWC is about to launch into the market a watch targeted at Left handed fellows. Posted on its Instagram page this made it to our list.


Guiness in a Tetra Pack

Well this is a funny one.

Guiness in a Tetra Pack

Which one was your favorite?


  1. Waa bro! These got me laughing! Especially the the ‘Galaxy Blade Edge’ and the ‘Selfie Shoe’! I actually thought that the sale of Yu mobile to Zuku was real for a second. X-D

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