Android Wear Being Ported To The Tizen Samsung Gear 2


Gear 2. Samsung's current smartwatch lineup runs on the company's backed Tizen OS with the Galaxy Gear, its only Android-powered smartwatch being updated to Tizen a few weeks ago. Samsung decided to go with its in-house effort Tizen for all its smart-watches. Well, save for a few spinoffs like the Gear Live. While Tizen has been widely praised for its great battery management, still there are those of us who would love to have an Android Wear experience on our Tizen-running Samsung Gear smartwatches. If you are an avid Android smartphone or tablet user then you know for a fact that there are more and more applications being updated to work with Wear than there are for the specific Gear watches.

The good people over at XDA Developers are making those wild wishes and dreams come true by porting Android Wear to the Samsung Gear 2 which runs Tizen out of the box. The port is not working as desired so it’s unlikely to be something you’ll want as a daily driver but it’s been in the works for quite some time with the developer having taken up to 4 months for a build that can do the basics like Bluetooth syncing with the phone and accurate touch.

It’s pretty much a work in progress but what we can all take away is that you can still tinker with those Samsung smart-watches. The only thing hindering faster pace on the porting is that Android Wear is not as open source as Android is (Android has AOSP) so there’s little developers can work with.

If you are the adventurous type and feel like trying out Android Wear on your Gear 2 then hit the source link below.

Source: XDA-Developers

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