Man Gets Kidnapped, Missing iPad Gets All The Attention

iPad Prototype

iPad PrototypeWe live in a terribly insensitive society today. Not that all of us have lost their heads or manners or morals or something to warrant such blanket condemnation but because it is becoming the norm rather than the exception to love our devices/gadgets more than we care for fellow human beings. Reports circulated over the last 24 hours that an iPad prototype had been stolen in a robbery and kidnapping incident in Cupertino.

However, as much as it was common knowledge that there had been a kidnapping, what spread through mainstream media channels was the missing iPad “prototype” and the kidnapped 20-year old man was only mentioned like a footnote. You know, those things we writers put down as a by the way. No, it is not that human life and in this case the well-being and safety of the kidnapped person is not important but that the iPad “prototype” alleged to have been stolen is of more importance to the tech press (and presumably their readers. Else who would be interested in a random iPad being stolen? Don’t they get stolen everyday around the world?)

See how CNBC covered the circus.

As it turns out, it was not an iPad prototype and the kidnapping happened. The ordinary iPad just happened to be part of a random robbery was not special in any way.

Picard Facepalm

At least the kidnapped person had been let go by his kidnappers long before we got wind of the news else we wouldn’t care anyway as long as someone had that holy unreleased iPad with them.