New Service Can Allow Microsoft To Use Your Photos As They Wish


Mona Lisa demo - techweezJust last week Microsoft launched that uses facial recognition technology that guesses your age.  Well most of the ages provided were inaccurate but the service has gone viral. Microsoft developers created it  in just a day and demoed it at Build 2015 as part of the company’s efforts to promote its Azure Machine Learning Gallery that seeks to help people explore more as far as a machine’s ability to learn speech, detect faces and analyze text.

On some interesting news about the service, Microsoft and its affiliates can publicly display the pictures and has the right to do so alongside your name based on the terms and conditions. The company can also reproduce and edit the pictures.  However, Microsoft says Microsoft cannot claim to the photos.  The terms of use are at the bottom of the page. The pictures are uploaded as part of the broader terms of Microsoft’s cloud computing plartfom, which the app accesses to work.