Google+ Launches Pinterest Rival Called Collections


collectionsGoogle is keen on growing its Google+ social network despite its lackluster adoption since launching four years ago. Google+ is now adding a new service called collections that allows users create boards around specific interests to share their favorite videos, images and different content. Well that sounds a lot like Pinterest and indeed the service is set to rival Pinterest.

How It Works

A user logs in into their Google+ account and navigates to the home feed. There is a new tab for collections modelled the same way as photos, hangouts and communities. Collections then lets you organize posts, photos, videos and news in different categories.  Once a collection is created, one can add their own original content or drag content from other sections of their Google+ accounts. User also has the option to make their content private, share it with friends or make it public for all  on the network to view.  One can also search and share YouTube  videos within their collections tab. Users can also search collections shared by other users and follow the collections. When a new post is added to the collections a user follows, they receive an alert.

The hardest task for Collections is matching the success of Pinterest which, boats of over 50 billion Pins and recently launched its developers platform aimed at increasing the interactivity of pins. The service launched in 2009 and has over 70 million monthly visitors with 47 million monthly active users in the U.S. Pinterest stated that 85% of its users are female.  This makes Collections work even harder.

Collections is available on the Google+ Android app or through a Web browser. An iOS version is expected soon.

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