Next generation Samsung Gear watch to feature rotating bezel

A Gear A concept
A Gear A concept
A Gear A concept

Samsung shied away from showing off a new smartwatch in Barcelona during MWC with company executives citing a change in strategy as its engineers and designers went back to the drawing in order to deliver a product that differentiates itself from others in the market and actually offers real value to users. Those efforts are expected to culminate in a circular smartwatch that will have a rotating bezel as well.

The new information about the rotating bezel which we expect to emulate the functionality of the digital crown in the Apple Watch is courtesy of the release notes of the Gear SDK available to developers who signed up for early access. The SDK will enable developers get familar with the all new Tizen interface and prepare their applications in time for the watch’s release.

Samsung Gear rotating bezel

The next generation Gear watch, rumoured to be codenamed Orbis internally at Samsung, will be the first smartwatch from the Korean giant since the Gear S was launched back in 2014. It may be named Gear A.


Source: Tizen Experts