Facebook Continues Rollout of Legacy Account In More Markets

facebook legacy contact

facebook legacy contactA while back, Facebook rolled out the memorize account which allowed users of the social network to cherish the memories of those who have passed on. Memorializing an account also helps keep it secure by preventing anyone from logging into it. When a profile has been memorialized, user information, like phone numbers, are removed, and the profile is locked up to anyone who was not already a confirmed friend meaning people who are not friends cannot find the profiles in search queries.

In February, Facebook launched the Legacy contact feature to supplement memorize,  that allows the user to choose who can manage their accounts after they die. Facebook followed in Google’s footsteps by providing such a functionality to user accounts. Once Facebook is notified of the users death, it memorizes the account allowing the legacy contact to post a message on the timeline, accept friend requests, change profile photos and cover photo. If you choose to have your legacy contact memorialize your account, it will stay live, but will have a “Remembering” label before your name. This feature serves to complement  memorize as previously users were not access or edit as with the legacy contact. Facebook lets you designate anyone your legacy contact, but your contact needs to be on Facebook.

The Facebook legacy account was previously only available in the United States but is currently rolling out in other markets that include Australia, New Zealand with other markets set to follow soon.

img credit: hackernews.com


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