Huawei reportedly working on its own mobile operating system


Kirin is a name we have come to know thanks to Huawei’s chip lineup. It’s the name that the Chinese company uses for its HiSilicon processors. Like the Kirin 930 that is powering all its top of the range smartphones this year. It may as well be the name that will be used for its own mobile operating system. Yes, Kirin OS.

The decision to begin work on its own mobile OS may be informed by the need to be less dependent on Google’s Android and carve out an identity. Image is everything today. Just like Samsung has been toying with Tizen and LG with the WebOS it acquired. It really won’t hurt.

As much as Huawei may be keen on the future, developing one’s own operating system is a costly endeavour and those resources (time, money, labour etc) may well be utilized improving its hold of the smartphone and tablet market outside Asia into the expansive Western market and being the go-to mobile device brand in emerging markets. With the likes of Microsoft (Windows 10 mobile) and Blackberry allowing support for Android applications, Android’s dominant status and popularity cannot be understated and we really won’t be surprised if Kirin OS allows for porting of Android apps. That is if Kirin OS is a thing in the first place not mere speculation.


Via GizmoChina