Natter Is A Ridiculous Social Network You Probably Won’t Care About

Natter Social Network

Natter Social Network 4th December 2014 was the day I was introduced to Natter, a new social media app where users only use three words, yes three words to pass a message. I thought tweets were brief enough, but this app takes the cake on brevity.
Natter was launched in November 2014 on iOS and Android.

The app interface looks like this (Android)


The app works just like Twitter: You send “natters” and you can “re-natter” other users natter. The app has 4 tabs: (Home, Me, Explore and Notifications). The home tab takes you to the timeline where you view other user’s natters. The “Me” tab is basically your profile page, explore tab enables one to search other users, hashtags and natters.


An interesting feature of Natter are Kudos points. Everytime someone likes one of your natters, you get a Kudos point. Each user has a Kudos score, which is the total number of likes they have received in the last 30 days. The Kudos score will decrease after the 30 days so as to level the playing field for early users and newbies.

According to a post in their blog, Natter has over 7000 registered users and is experiencing rapid growth. In a world where apps are getting hundreds of millions of monthly and daily active users, you can tell why the social network is yet to pick up.

The latest version, version 2.0.1  added support for embedding pictures in natters, probably with images people will be able to communicate more. Methinks they should be a MEME generation service instead, there’s better hope along those lines. From their blogpost on 9th March this year, a block feature will be introduced in the future, since it was highly requested by the 7000 users.

The question now is, will you join natter?