Brijal Rawal Loses Rapid Communications Job After Disparaging Facebook Comments

Social Media

Social MediaYesterday we wrote a story of how a Rapid Communications Limited manager started an outrage on Facebook and subsequently Twitter, over racist comments she posted about African employees. She clearly didn’t think this would have led to serious ramifications. Such things pass unnoticed offline, but social media has it’s own way of getting things done altogether. There is a record of everything and that’s where the problem began. Her deeply offensive remarks were captured and no matter what she did, she could not delete the evidence of her actions. Screenshots had been taken already and her story shared on social media.

The Internet Never Forgets

Brijal was to learn the hard way that the internet never forgets. Well, there has been some developments since then. About 7 hours ago, Rapid Communications posted this update on Facebook stating that they had relieved the lady of her duties as a result of the remarks they wished not to be associated with:

 “Based on conclusive evidence, Brijal Rawal has been dismissed with immediate effect. Rapid Communications condems such behaviour be it in a personal or official capacity.”

Many commenters were of the opinion that Rapid Communications had taken the right step even though there are still some baying for Brijal’s blood asking for more to be done. The move by Rapid is commendable as the lady’s comments could easily be associated with her position at work, since her reference was to the colleagues.

Among the comment was a post with a message allegedly from her apologizing for her actions. This was shared by a third party, see below:

Hellow Sir, Hope all is well on your side. Firstly ild like to clear this below is my personal matter on my personal account and no way is this based on the current office I work with.
Kindly note black does not only mean pointing rascism, like we say black Monday. Please do not assume I meant my collegues or anyone of a certain race.
It was a mere situation on my personal side which I just mentioned in anger of the moment and latter realizing its not a matured thing to do is when I deleted the post then and there.
I deeply apologize if it gave you a wrong picture of ill intentions. My facebook holds my personal friends and life as its my social account. I agree the post was wrong but kindly do not take it as in oppose to anyone whatsoever in my office or of any race. We have never had any racism incidents ever and nor would my Boss or management allow such.
I have a very jovial relation with my colleagues and my friends of different race, this is nor racial neither official. However for hurting your sentiments unknowingly kindly accept my apology once again.
please incase of anything do contact me. Thank you for your concern for the same and I hope ive managed to clear the misunderstanding.

Have a good day.
Brijal Rawal”

The progression of this story has borne a striking resemblance to the Justine Sacco incident where she lost her job due to an offensive comment she posted on Twitter. As much as Brijal commented on her private profile, the nasty words were directed at her colleagues who she was infuriated at. This brings us to the part where social media users need to learn that the platforms escalate things that were previously seen as low key. Social media prints for the whole world to see and react, and it’s not 1997 anymore and it’s better not to put your sentiments out there, lest they take you down.

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  1. Sad how people think social media is the same old platform it was. I bet it is easier to just take it out with someone in person nowadays because that way no evidence is

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