Huawei Watch Facing Delays, First Units Could Ship in September


Huawei Watch 1

Huawei Watch was made official in Barcelona during Mobile World Congress and so far other than side mentions every time we are discussing smartwatches, we’ve heard nothing about it yet. By its own right, the Huawei Watch is probably  the best looking of all Android Wear devices out there. The Moto 360 be damned. Even then, when are we going to see it? Be able to order/buy it? That’s tricky.

New reports from the East suggest that the Huawei Watch’s expected arrival may be delayed until September or even October. This is because Huawei is reportedly having issues replacing Google’s built-in apps and services with its own since Android Wear isn’t as “open” as the standard Android OS. Google is not for skinning of Android Wear and has gone to great lengths to ensure that doesn’t happen. However, since Google services aren’t welcome in Huawei’s home, China, this is a necessity. This also means the delays could just affect shipment dates for China alone and not stand in the way of consumers laying their hands on the smart timepiece in other markets. We really hope that is the case even though Huawei is yet to comment on the issue.