Game of Thrones Season Finale Breaks Piracy Records, Becomes the Most Torrented


game of thrones 1

If you are not aware, one of the most popular television shows of all time completed its fifth season last night on the Home Box Office (HBO). Since the show is a global phenomenom and not everyone is a paying HBO subscriber or located in the countries where the subscription can be made, people took to where they know best to catch up with the latest from the seven kingdoms: the internet, of course.

Within 8 hours, the copies of the season finale of Game of Thrones available on popular torrents and file sharing sites had been downloaded a whopping 1.5 million times and TorrentFreak says that it expects the number to swell upwards of 10 million as more and more people finally get to know whether Cersei Lannister finally managed to free herself from the filthy dungeons the High Sparrow had thrown her in.

The developments in the last few hours since the final episode aired don’t come as a surprise though. Game of Thrones has always been the most torrented show on television and season five proves that the status quo remains.



Source: TorrentFreak


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