Stacy’s Mom Song Parodied for Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign

Chelsea's mom

Chelsea's momHillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign has been heavily leveraging on social media to convince more voters to rally behind her for the top seat in the land. For this case however, it seems the social media effort was from them, but a band called Well Strung. The official Twitter account for Clinton tweeted a link to the video the band allegedly made, which is a rendition of a former hit Rock song from 2003: Fountain of Wayne’s “Stacy’s Mom”

In the video, which is now named “Chelsea’s Mom” was sung by Well Strung, a band that makes renditions of songs by blending vocals and string instruments. They say she was “quite the First Lady” or “anyone but Clinton will give us the blues” or “she’s all we want and we waited for so long” and “I’m going to vote for Chelsea mom” . The whole video has a colourful fun choreography and T-shirts that say “Chelsea mom” & “Well-Strung for Hillary.” The video ends with a hashtag #ChelseasMom with the colours from Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Social media truly is shaping the picture of elections, and the US Presidential one slated for next year seems the one we’ll use as a litmus test to determine the effect of social media on elections. This is because as more and more people are connected online, the power of social media cannot be understated by campaign teams and this means they have to have a good image & an engaging potential voter’s audience so as to be successful. Also here locally during the 2017 election year, expect campaign strategies like this to pop up in the feed of your favourite social media platform.