Uber Clashes With Taxi Drivers In France Over UberPop Service


uber-protestThe contretemps between Uber and Taxi drivers over the UberPop service continue to escalate drawing in the French government which has now sided with the taxi drivers. The French government ordered a national clampdown on the UberPop service, which Taxi drivers feel is bringing unfair competition. Angry taxi drivers had on Thursday blocked major transport hubs protesting the service. The UberPop service has also been opposed over security concerns as the drivers are not registered .

Uber runs  several services which include Uber Black, a luxury chauffeur service with Mercedes S-class limousines which costs the same or less than the taxi to ride. Uber Pop (UberX locally), a low cost option in which drivers use their own cars. UberXL but with vehicles of higher standards and charging higher prices. It also has Uber Chopper, a helicopter hailing service, Uber Auto for rickshaws in India and Uber for Boats service.

Uber has about 1 million users in France  and has been keen on expanding the service to most Cities in France which, has sparked the backlash.  The French government is now instituting legal charges against Uber managers in France for what is seen as defiance of the law. A law from October 2014 placed a ban on putting clients in touch with unregistered drivers.Uber contested the law calling it unclear and a threat to freedom to do business. The Court is set to rule on the matter in September meaning Uber services will continue.

The matter has seen French President  Francois Hollande weigh in calling for the dissolution of the UberPop service according to Reuters.  Uber has faced tough political and legal scrutiny ranging from banning of the service in China to a driver rape case in India. The service has also faced internal problems with its drivers calling for their consideration as employees and not contractors. Uber was also sued in the State of California in the United States over discrimination of the visually impaired and pets.