Safaricom Open Day Extended for One More Week


If you’ve just read our list of the 25 smartphones under Ksh 10,000 and are cursing yourself for missing out on the great deals Safaricom was offering over the weekend during its Open Day then curse no more!

Safaricom has extended the Open Day. Well, we are not sure if at this point it is still accurate to call it an Open Day or Open Week (if there’s something like that). The point is you have until Monday 6th July to grab that Safaricom Neon smartphone for your relatives. Or the Galaxy J1 that everyone seems to like. Or the Huawei Y550 which, like the J1, has support for LTE as well. Or you can grab our favourite, the Lumia 430.

The extension of the period the Safaricom Open Day will run is as a result of huge demand for the devices on offer by customers. Safaricom says that it did not want to lock out anyone hence the extension.