Truecaller’s Sister App Extends User Identifying Feature to Text Messaging



True Software Scandinavia AB, the company behind the popular Truecaller app, have announced a new messenger app, Truemessenger. This messaging app deviates from the norm when you compare it with other chat apps because it aims to focus on the older SMS platform. Dubbing it “The New Way to SMS”. The company also explained its features in a  YouTube video.

Basically True messenger will be the snitch for SMS just like how Truecaller has been a snitch for voice calls. The new app will inform you who sent you the SMS even if they are not present in your contacts by using the information from the 150 million strong Truecaller community to identify the person. Of course it functions on the principal of your other contacts or yourself opting you in to the database, and naturally the newbie in the house will use the same database.

It will further block any spam texts that you get automatically and report known spammers to the Truemessenger community so as to keep members in check. In addition, there are also filter options that enable one create custom filters of key spam words or numbers for easy blocking. Sounds like a solid SMS app to have on your phone.


The app comes at a time people are actively using chat apps and less of SMS. Chat apps like Facebook Messenger & WhatsApp have 700 and 800 million monthly users respectively. WhatsApp users for example sent 64 billion messages per day during a time when it had 500 million active users.

This was predicted to be more than the total SMSes that were sent in 2014. SMS is not yet dead however and the developers want to take a piece of the pie of this platform that seems “neglected”.

If this app was launched before 2012 where the humble SMS was still a big deal, it would have had a bigger impact on the social media scene. Right now, this app will be beneficial to discover swindlers, chronic spammers or identify texts from people you probably lost their contact.

Its sister app, Truecaller apparently has over 150 million users and it won’t be a surprise the same users download Truemessenger because they are based on the same tenet. For those people who want to try it, you can download it here and it is currently only on Android.


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