Microsoft’s Restructuring to Render 7,800 People Jobless



Microsoft headquarters

Early this morning we brought you news that Microsoft was on the verge of laying off another round of employees with those from the company’s Devices Group being key targets. Particularly the ones from the Windows Phone side of the hardware business. Through an email to its employees by CEO Satya Nadella and a statement, the company has acknowledged the existence of such plans and we even have a figure.

7,800 is the total number of people who will be facing the axe as Microsoft cuts ties with segments of the business that are not profitable or deemed to be so and going ahead with those that fit with its future plans. While that in its own does not mean that the company will be exiting the phone business, it does mean that it will focus more on where there is value addition within that business. In fact it is writing off its $7.6 billion acquisition of Nokia’s devices division.

The layoffs are expected to be done between the end of this month and the end of the calendar year with any carryovers being taken care of by the turn of the next financial year.