Computer Glitch Forces United Airlines To Ground All Flights

United Airlines

UnitedA computer glitch has forced US Airline company, United, to ground all its flights. The glitch left thousands of the company’s customers across the World stranded, with the effects spilling over in its 235 destinations within the United States and 138 International destinations. The glitch which the Airline company called a network connectivity issue affected a total of 3,500 flights.

The glitch is said to have affected the software that automates the companies operations. According CNN, the company was forced to to hand write tickets for passengers at multiple airports.  During the glitch, which has since been resolved, tickets could not be checked and flights could not be monitored effectively grounding flights. In recent past, the company has experienced computer glitches including one in June. In February 2014, the system that handles check-ins and other passenger services failed, disrupting travel for about three hours.

United Airlines is one of the biggest in the world, serving about 16 million passengers a day.

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