LG G4 Experiencing Weak Sales in Home Market


LG G4LG’s latest flagship smartphone, the LG G4, is one of the most impressive smartphones released this year. However, it is apparently struggling in the one market where it all matters: it’s home market.

Reports coming from the East indicate that Lg has only managed to sell 240,000 units in the Korean market so far. That is a far cry from the 1.3 million Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge units that rival Samsung has managed to sell in the same market.

It is reported that LG initially had its own set target of selling at least 70 million smartphones this year. If the reported sales figures of its flagship smartphone are anything to go by, that could be a far cry. However, until we get the global sales figures, we can’t really gauge how bad or good things are at LG since the G4 has been well received in markets like the US where according to the latest statistics from Kantar it helped boost Android’s share of that market.