Today’s Gadgets Are Worth Protecting: Here’s How

Broken iPhone

Broken iPhone Let’s not mince words. You paid $649 for that iPhone 6, even if your carrier subsidized most of it up front. If you want to know how much it really costs, just break it without the benefit of Apple Care and try to get another. Your carrier will laugh you out of the store. And Apple will very politely ask for a shocking amount of money to replace it. The carrier only subsidized one phone. Without some sort of replacement insurance, you are on the hook for the rest.

It’s not just your phone that will send you to the poorhouse when calamity strikes. It is also your tablet and laptop. Generally speaking, all mobile devices are much more subject to damage than devices intended to live on a desktop, or other stationary location. Anything you are going to frequently pick up and move around is going to need a lot of extra protection.

Beyond dropability, mobile devices are more fragile by design. The laws of physics have to be considered. An item intended to be picked up has to be lighter than one that lives on a desk. Typically, a sturdier build is a heavier build. Devices that are used while holding, like smartphones, have to also be thin enough to hold and use with one hand.

Protect the Screens

Every expensive gadget you carry has a screen. 99% of the time, that screen is the weak link. Break the screen, and for all intents and purposes, you have broken the device. This is especially true for smartphones. While a lot has been revealed about the next iPhone, invulnerability will not make the list of new features. Drop them just right, and the screens will crack, if not shatter. Unless you want to risk cutting your fingers every time you use that phone, you are going to have to get that fixed.

You can’t prevent dropping your phone. Accidents will always happen. But you can use a screen protector. That usually comes in the form of a thin piece of plastic that you have to painstakingly place on top of your screen. They are almost impossible to get just right. They also alter the feel, and sometimes, the operation of your phone.

Recommended is the tempered glass screen protector that is impervious to most scratches and difficult to break. These types of protectors are usually much easier to apply. Even if you don’t use this kind, there is a screen protector for all of your mobile devices, even laptops.

Protective Cases

Do you want style or safety. Choose. You can’t have both. While screen protectors do not change the look of your devices, protective cases do, and seldom for the better. However, if you drop your device while it is in a protective case, there are very few scenarios where your precious device will suffer any damage whatsoever. It is hard to say which are the best of these cases. Honestly, they will all do the job of protecting your phone from drop damage.

Protection Plans

You really like the way your sleek device looks and feels without a case. I get it. I’m the same way. That just means you are going to have to have a plan when bad things happen to good, not to mention, unprotected devices. Fortunately, there are plenty of insurance options to help you out.

Apple finally offers a protection plan that covers accidental damage. Considering what they charge for their devices, the protection plans are quite reasonable. There are also third-party insurance programs providing more protection options. Your carrier most likely has a protection plan that is well worth it if you are the type who drops her phone on occasion. Don’t forget to check with your homeowners or renters insurance. Make sure you have riders that cover your devices in case of damage or theft.

Your gadgets are expensive, important, and inconvenient to replace when damaged. Be sure you take steps to protect them. Even the cheapest option will likely save you hundreds in repairs.

IMG Credit: Rogianesi, Flickr