My Favourite Top Posts With The #Kenya Tag on Instagram This Week


Top posts on Instagram this week with the #kenya tag I decided to snoop around Instagram and check which are the top posts for the last two days. As you know, Instagram baked this functionality on mobile and desktop where they revamped the Explore tab & search functionality which enables the 300 million plus monthly active users search for locations, people, tags and top posts of interest.

I’d like Instagram to expand the top posts from the current 9 to a larger number so that you can view more of these top posts. Today, I searched the #kenya hashtag which has an impressive 999,981 posts as of writing this article & decided to list some of my favourite top posts that bear the hashtag:

1. This picture was posted by National Geographic which focused on iHub, the startup incubation centre based in Nairobi. The post has an impressive 216,00+ likes.

2. The 2nd photo in this list was posted by the US Marines where they posted a photo of a group of Marines loading gear in one of the V-22  Opsrey helicopters we saw when President Obama was in the country.

3. Microsoft’s CEO was in Kenya this week and the official account of the tech giant posted a photo of Satya Nadella when he was in Nanyuki

Two and a half years ago, the Internet arrived at Gakawa Secondary School in Nanyuki, Kenya. Principal Beatrice Ndorongo remembers her students’ excitement, but more so, their hunger for information. This week, our CEO Satya Nadella witnessed the enormous impact connectivity has made on each and every student. Since the connection was established, students’ scores have improved in every single subject. And building a stronger future for students is especially important in Kenya, where more than 50 percent of the population is 18 years old or younger. Now that Gakawa has reliable, high-speed Internet, young students are able to get into university, secure jobs and ultimately, make a living. To learn more about how the internet is empowering schools and residents in Kenya, visit:

A photo posted by Microsoft (@microsoft) on

4. Hell’s Gate seems to be a popular place of interest and this post by a National Geographic photographer shows the beauty of the rock strata in the park’s gorges.

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