New Video Teases Codename of Next Version of Android



The next version of Android is already in use by a number of testers since Google released it as a preview for developer’s sake. While whatever is out there as the Android M Preview is not the final version, no radical changes are expected in the final build other than lots of bug fixes and tying of loose ends. Everyone knows that. What everyone doesn’t know is what the actual name of the next Android version will be. Or even the version number. Will it be Android 6 (unlikely) or just a point upgrade (Android 5.2 – likely)?

Last year we had the Android L preview. That turned out to be Lollipop as many had hinted. So in 2015, what exactly does M stand for? We have no either. And the folks running the @Android account on Twitter aren’t helping matters anyway.

They posted a link to the teaser YouTube video below which just serves to remind us that we know nothing. Marshmallow? M&M? Malt Ball? Milkshake? Macaroon? It also reinforces our belief that we are actually not far away from the big reveal. It could be a few days. It could be a few weeks. Though the first Android M-powered devices (the next Nexus smartphones everyone has been talking about) aren’t expected in the market till later this year, we may get to know the name of the Android flavour soon.