Samsung Unbundles its Mobile Browser, Avails it on Google Play Store


The default browser on Samsung smartphones since 2012 has been Samsung’s own application instead of the old AOSP browser that was the standard stock web browser before Google abandoned it for Chrome. The browser, which is one of the most uncelebrated Samsung-bundled application, actually has great features built-in and it is usually the browser you’ll want to use if you are to enjoy the many features Samsung adds on its devices like Smart Scroll, Smart Stay and the gestures (waving so as to scroll a web page or flip over the page).

Up until a few days ago, you couldn’t get the Samsung browser anywhere else other than through official Samsung firmware meant for its devices where it is bundled. The company has now gone the extra mile to make the browser available on the Google Play Store.


Going by the name Internet for Samsung Galaxy, the Samsung browser which has always been called “Internet” on Samsung smartphones and tablets, is now available for all Samsung devices running on Android 4.4 KitKat and up. The application is currently available in select regions only and users in certain regions may not be able to access it. Anyway, if you happen to have a Samsung device, you already have the browser. This development is important because in the future, users will not need to wait for system updates in order to also get an updated browser application. Updates will be pushed to the Google Play Store first and fast. That’s a good thing and I hope Samsung is considering doing this for a whole lot of other applications just like HTC has been doing over the last one year.