Tinder Now lets You Swipe Up Users You Really Like


Tinder Super LikeI am a fan of Tinder and the vanity that comes with swiping left or right once the deck of photos pops up the screen.  Tinder is an app that lets you meet people based on your existing social networking data from Facebook to locate people in the immediate vicinity, tell you a bit about them, whether you have any friends in common and (most importantly) show you a picture.

Thing with Tinder is that someone has to like you back by swiping right on your photo and its a match. Then and only then can you begin to unleash those lines on them. If they do not feel your vibe, they can opt to Unmatch you.  It’s therefore frustrating when you actually see someone on the service, swipe right and they by error or default they fail to like you back :(.  What is more frustrating is the realization that you have no control of the situation and you will probably not drive into the sunset together. Ever.

The guys at Tinder seems aware of this fact and have introduced a new enhancement to the service in their latest update. The update ushers along a new feature called Super Like or Swipe Up, aimed at telling your possible match that you are head of heels feeling them. The Tinder folks are also aware that some of us will Super Like on virtually every photo and have thus limited the number of times one can use the feature to once a day. The Super Liked user will then receive a notification telling them, they were super liked which includes a blue footer on the profile. Still, they will decide if they like you.

Tinder has been in the market since 2012  and has indicated it has made a whopping  8 billion matches. Tinder says the number of matches exceeded  13 million matches per day with 300 matches a second, 1.4 billion swipes a day, and 16,000 swipes per second. The average user spends about 11 minutes on Tinder daily with most of Tinder users  aged between 24-35 years old forming 45% of the platform’s total users.