Facebook Now Allows Push Notifications Through Mobile Browsers


If you have the Facebook mobile application installed then one of the advantages is that you get push notifications. If you’re like some people and have lots of friends, this can be a nuisance and it doesn’t help matters that those notifications even end up showing up on your lock screen as well. But you can do something about it. The Facebook application allows you to change your preferences in the settings menu. What if you’re just on a mobile browser and not using the mobile application itself?

Facebook has started allowing users accessing facebook.com via their mobile browsers to also receive notifications. Users are being prompted to grant access to facebook.com to get push notifications. While Chrome users only started being alerted on this in the last few days, it has been going on for a while now. At least as per our own observation. A week ago, as we tested Opera mini’s new high compression mode, we noticed that upon granting facebook.com the relevant access it was requesting, we were being notified about any happenings on the social network right via the notification shade.


You can turn the notifications off in the respective mobile browser’s settings as well if they irk you.

We are not sure at the moment if this is coming to all mobile browsers but we can confirm that it has been working on Opera mini for a while now and it is now live on Chrome.

Which mobile browser are you using? Is facebook.com asking to push notifications directly to you without needing the mobile application?


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