New Chrome Extension Puts the Ad Blocker Debate to Rest



Apple started a storm with the recent release of the latest version of its mobile operating system, iOS 9. Of particular concern to many, more so publishers, is that iOS 9 now makes mainstream the ability to block ads on devices. Apple’s iPhones are the most popular smartphones on the planet and its iPads far outpace any other on the market as far as user preference goes. As a result, anything the company tries its hand in mostly goes mainstream. With iOS 9 adoption already past the 20% mark less than a week since being officially available and ad blocking applications topping the charts on the App Store, the ad blocking debate won’t be dying down any time soon.

There are many ways to look at things. For starters, ads are annoying and we know it. On the other hand, it is ads that foot the bills of most content producers on the web. From YouTube video producers to writers on sites like Techweez, ads run the web. There’s no denying it.

One may have their reasons for having an ad blocker but in doing so, somebody is being denied their rightful paycheck somewhere. To put that to rest, a new Chrome extension, Ethical Ad Blocker, will stop serving users any web pages that have ads. The goal is simple: you don’t get to see ads and you don’t get to rip off people who rely on ads for their next paycheck. Sounds fair to me. Sort of.

You can find Ethical Ad Blocker on the Chrome Web Store if you’re the sort that doesn’t want to compromise between an excellent web browsing experience and ethics.