360 Degree Video Comes To Facebook, It’s all Kinds of Awesome

facebook 360 video

facebook 360 video

The limiting factor about videos is that they always try to hide their lack of immersion by being more pixel dense or the recent 3D fad that causes eye strain and headaches to some. As humans, our eyes have stereoscopic vision which means we are able to see what is ahead and what it is at the periphery. Also, we can be able to see objects that are up, down and the back by turning around. This is the basis for 360° video and that is why it is more immersive than traditional video.

Facebook announced that they have rolled out 360 degree videos in your News Feed which comes after YouTube released a dedicated channel for 360° videos way back in March. On mobile, you can watch them by either turning your phone around or by dragging your finger on the screen. On desktop you only need to drag around the video with your cursor so as to view the multiple camera angles of the video.

I was able to see a 360° video on GoPro’s Facebook page and it was amazing. If you don’t know GoPro, it is an American company that develops cameras that are suited for events that are action packed like surfing, skateboarding, motocross and the likes. This is one video they posted about a motocross race across sand dunes and it is pretty awesome

In order to see these kind of videos, you must make sure you have the latest version of Chrome or Firefox on desktop (Internet Explorer or Safari are not supported) and on mobile, they are only available on the latest update of the Facebook app on Android. Your droid however should have Android 4.3 or later. Unfortunately, this feature is not available for iOS devices :-D but Facebook promises to roll it to the iOS app in the future.

Apart from Go Pro, you can be able to see these 360° videos posted by Star Wars, Saturday Night Live and Discovery. Keep in mind these videos are bigger in size when compared to regular videos so make sure you have a substantial data balance before viewing them.


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