Google Keep Finally Arrives on the iPhone and iPad



Keep is Google’s note-taking application that has grown to also include certain features like reminders that has been around since March 2013. For the most part, it does its job and it is one of my favourite Android applications. It may not be as comprehensive as say Evernote or sleek like Simplenote but for anyone who wants to just take down notes or keep simple lists and have them anytime they need them, it is a no-brainer to recommend it. The problem? It has only been available on Google’s own mobile platform, Android, and the web. For over two years, it has kept off one of the most popular mobile platforms in the world, iOS but that has now changed.

Google Keep is now available on the iPhone and the iPad.

With quite a number of iOS users also being users of Google services like Maps and Gmail, this will come in handy as Keep is tied to one’s Google account.