Playstation 4 is Getting a Huge Update Tomorrow

PS4 system update

PS4 system update

The PlayStation 4 has been a hit for Sony as it has sold over 25 million units since it was launched in November of 2013 and the device is important to the company since it made the games division turn a profit this year. Now, Sony has detailed the various new or updated features that will come with the new ver.3.00 update that has been code-named Kenshin which is geared to make gaming more social.

Some of the changes are new while others are various enhancements to existing features. The updates include: Increased online storage in Playstation Plus to 10 GB, ability to share 10 seconds max videos to Twitter, streaming live on YouTube directly from your PS4, new Events app that notifies you on various activities and official broadcasts, higher quality screenshots thanks to PNG support, ability to request to play your friends game or watch it live via “Share Play and Broadcast, watching the latest trends on Live from Playstation and others.

Most of the updates are geared to connect the millions of PlayStation 4 owners out there and the YouTube streaming is the most interesting of the lot. YouTube Gaming was launched a while ago and it was in response to the immense interest of livestream gaming Twitch popularized. The recent fad has been watching other people game and it has seen a meteoric rise in some YouTube channels like PewDiePie.

The new Kenshin update is to be rolled out as of tomorrow as it graduates from beta testing and be sure to stand by to install the new update.