Meter, a Live Wallpaper from Google Provides Real Time Stats on the Home Screen



Back in August, Google introduced Android Experiments, a new program under its famed Creative Lab team meant to showcase what can be done when the world’s most popular operating system is put through its paces. The initiative has so far brought to fore several applications. The latest one is called Meter.

Meter is simply a live wallpaper application. The only difference is that it combines some simple but neat Material-Design-inspired animations with real-time statistics from your device. The battery level, the number of unread notifications (you’ll have to explicitly grant notification access to the app for this) and even the signal strength of the network you’re connected to. These statistics are relayed in real-time on your home screen accompanied by either circular, rectangular or triangular animations that respond to your device’s motion since Meter has access to your device’s accelerometer to enable that functionality.


There are several applications that have been available on the Google Play Store for some time now (I remember using one with Meter-like functionality as far back as 2011) but none of those match the simplicity that Google’s design teams are famous for. That’s probably the reason why you’d want to give Meter a try.

Meter is live on the Play Store.


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