Medium gets design overhaul and Spanking new logo


Medium is a blogging platform that was co-founded by Twitter’s founder Evan Williams 3 years ago that aimed to encourage people to post stories on a platform that is devoid of any custom layouts. The mobile app is more feature packed than the desktop version where on the Explore tab you are able to discover various topics of interest, Top stories, Conversation starters, Debut authors, 5 minute reads and Recommendation by Medium Staff. The stories can later be bookmarked or  shared on Twitter, Facebook or Email by using button at the bottom of the post.

1. New Logo

old medium logo

For starters, Medium decided to retire their logo for a new one, which they say it “served them well:. However, the company felt that the logo “began to feel flat and not to be toyed with so they decided to come up with a new one and this meant trying various prototypes.

medium logo prototypes

Medium wanted a logo that flows, unfurls and builds like a great and memorable conversation because that is what the platform was about. They finally came up with a logo that is based on a geometric shapes and looks quite cool

medium's new logo

Other improvements to medium include:

2. Mentions

Just like Twitter, you can now be able to tag other people to your posts by adding their usernames. This could be useful if you are writing an article about something and you wanted to add someone that you know that could add insights on the topic.

3. New writing experience

Medium has added a number of tools to make it writing “fun” on the platform. On their newly updated mobile apps, you can edit and re-edit your posts constantly which would be useful to correct typos or any other mistakes. They have also added Drop caps, which you normally see in newspapers which give a certain level of emphasis on a paragraph.

4. A Publishing API

This will allow you to publish your content to Medium directly from other blogging platforms like WordPress or Blogger and either on desktop or mobile.

5. Custom Domains

You can now have your own custom domain on Medium which is a nifty feature if you like that sort of personalization.