How to stop Candy Crush Requests Top Voted Question for Zuckerberg’s Q&A in India


Mark-ZuckerbergFacebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced earlier today that he will visit India this month and will host a Townhall Q&A at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi on 28 October. The announcement was made through Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook account he is looking forward to the trip owing to the large number of Facebook users in India who amount to 130 million users. The CEO also said he was “looking forward to hearing directly from one of our most active and engaged communities”.

In the post Zuckerberg asked users to post any questions they may have in the comments section below the post and users asked to vote for a question by liking it. Several questions posted in the comment section were centered on the net neutrality debate which has elicited sharp reactions attributed to Facebook’s Other questions regarding the empathy button, which users referred to as the dislike button. Another user sought a clarification regarding measures Facebook was taking to protect users from the proliferation of sexual content. The winner was however a question regarding the annoying candy crush requests with the post now having received 6,000 likes. Looks like a lot of users are ann0yed with the requests as I am.