Huawei to Introduce the Huawei Watch to the Kenyan Market in November


The Huawei Watch has been around for the most of the year. It was unveiled early this year in Barcelona, Spain during Mobile World Congress. However, delays thanks to the final finish and alterations necessary before the device could be sold in China where the Google Play Store is banned and upon which the Watch, being an Android Wear-powered device, relies on. Those are all bygones now as the Watch has since the start of September started showing up in retail stores across the world. And now, it’s coming to Kenya.

According to Huawei, Kenya will be getting the Huawei Watch this November. The Watch’s pricing is expected to start at Kshs 25,000. Buyers of the Huawei Watch will also be able to purchase additional watch bands that suit their tastes. For instance there are those who’ll prefer leather wrist bands.


The Huawei Watch has a 42 mm diameter and sapphire glass to protect the 1.4 inch AMOLED display from any scratches. It has 4 GB onboard storage and will pair up with any compatible smartphone running Android using Bluetooth 4.1.

What set the Huawei Watch apart at first was that it was one of the very few Android Wear smartwatches that were good looking. The competition has since upped their game though as Huawei took too long to bring to market the Huawei Watch after announcing it and now the playing field is level. However, while the likes of the LG G Watch Urbane and the second generation Moto360 are likeable, the Huawei Watch has a head start as the first Android Wear smartwatch to be officially available in the Kenyan market.

Samsung is expected to give Huawei a run for its money when it also avails the Gear S2, its latest smartwatch that features a rotating top bezel and runs an operating system (Tizen) different from that on the Huawei Watch, into the Kenyan market also in November. The Gear S2 is going for between $300 and $350 in the international market depending on which of the two versions of the smartwatch available users go with.

Huawei is already selling its other wearable, the TalkBand B2, in the Kenyan market at a price of Kshs 12,000. Unlike the Huawei Watch which sets out to do many things and has fancy watch faces and many features users can play around with, the TalkBand B2 is focused on making it easy to call, keep your fitness in check amongst a host of other features.



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